Our Mission & Vision - We bring the Human Touch in Telehealth

At TelesHealth, we transcend the traditional boundaries of telemedicine, focusing not just on technology but on a holistic approach to patient care and physician empowerment. Central to this vision is TelesLink, a synergistic blend of our Assisted Telehealth Platform (ATP) and the dedicated expertise of our Growing Certified Telemedicine Specialists (cTEMS)Network, crafting an environment that mirrors the intimacy and effectiveness of traditional clinics.

For our collaborating physicians and healthcare institutions, TelesLink isn’t merely a platform; it’s a strategic advantage. By integrating our services, practices can significantly reduce operational costs without compromising the quality of care. Streamlined workflows, minimized overheads, and the ability to cater to a broader patient demographic combine to ensure both financial and clinical excellence.

Patients, on the other hand, experience the apex of telehealth consultations through TelesLink. Each session embodies the depth and personal touch of an in-person consultation, all within the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

With TelesHealth, the future of healthcare is here. A realm where technology accentuates the human touch, ensuring that care remains at the forefront of every interaction.

Our Focus

At TelesHealth, we’re transforming telemedicine. Central to this change is TelesLink, powered by our Assisted Telehealth Platform (ATP) and supported by our Certified Telemedicine Specialists (cTEMS) Network. Together, they offer an experience closely mirroring traditional clinical visits.For our physician partners and healthcare facilities, TelesLink provides tangible benefits. By adopting our platform, they can achieve significant operational cost reductions. The system streamlines tasks, minimizes overhead expenses, and enables outreach to a wider patient base, all while maintaining high-quality care standards. Patients using TelesLink can expect efficient and personalized telehealth sessions, capturing the essence of in-clinic appointments but from the comfort of their homes. TelesHealth, with TelesLink, cTEMS, and ATP, bridges technology and care, delivering results for both providers and patients.

We Bring the Human Touch in Telehealth.

Bringing the Personal Touch to Telehealth: While we champion the advancements of technology, we firmly believe it should enhance, not replace, the personal connection inherent in healthcare. Our tagline, “We bring the Human Touch in telehealth,” reflects our unwavering dedication to this principle. Discover the difference with TelesLink.

TelesHealth’s ATP sets the benchmark for telehealth, going beyond standard video consultations. Through our ATP, we replicate the in-person clinical experience, providing physicians with in-depth insights. Meanwhile, patients receive comprehensive care, all seamlessly integrated with the TelesLink mobile app and the expertise of our cTEMS network.

Understanding the critical need for support during telehealth consultations, our cTEMS network operates as the virtual extensions of physicians. Every Certified Telemedicine Specialist in our network is trained to uphold the quality of care that patients expect and physicians require.

By seamlessly integrating with existing workflows, TelesLink, complemented by our cTEMS network and ATP, offers not just innovation but also streamlined functionality. This guarantees that adopting our solutions is as advantageous for operational efficiency as it is for enhancing patient care.

We are dedicated to enhancing the patient experience where technology serves as an enabler, not an obstacle. Through the combined strengths of TelesLink, our cTEMS network, and ATP, each interaction is meticulously crafted to ensure patients feel acknowledged, understood, and receive the attentive care they deserve.

Our vision for the future is clear – Our roadmap is laser-focused on leading the telehealth evolution. With TelesLink, our cTEMS network, and ATP at the core, we remain steadfast in our commitment to research and development, ensuring our solutions remain cutting-edge and indispensable in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.