TelesLink: The Uber-Evolution of Healthcare Delivery

Bringing the Human Touch in Telehealth

TelesLink: The Uber-Evolution of Healthcare Delivery

Unlock a new dimension in telehealth with TelesLink – our innovative mobile app designed to elevate healthcare delivery to unparalleled heights. Emulating the transformative impact Uber had on transportation, TelesLink reshapes how physicians seamlessly connect with a vast network of Certified Telemedicine Specialists (cTEMS). For physicians, this implies a ready, robust, and reliable cTEMS network dedicated to enhancing the quality and reach of their patient care.

Explore the Key Features

How TelesLink Works:

  1. For Physicians:

    • Application Process:
      Joining TelesLink is designed to be a seamless experience for physicians. Our application process is straightforward and efficient. While we do review each application, it’s primarily to understand your practice’s specifics. This helps us optimize TelesLink to align perfectly with your needs, ensuring a smooth integration and a better telehealth experience for your patients.
    • Efficient Consultations: Once onboarded, physicians will be able to schedule, manage, and conduct remote consultations, harnessing the power of the TelesLink app, cTEMS Network, and Assisted Telehealth Platform for enriched patient interactions.

For cTEMS: Join the Telehealth Evolution with TelesLink

Application Process:
Embarking on your TelesLink journey is straightforward for aspiring Certified Telemedicine Specialists. Our application process is fine-tuned for efficiency, ensuring swift onboarding. While the review is streamlined, it’s essential for us to grasp your skills and aptitude.

Training and Certification:
Once onboarded, you’ll have access to our comprehensive training modules, specifically designed to equip you with the knowledge and proficiency required for the platform. Upon completing the training, you will be granted the TelesLink Certified Telemedicine Specialist status, a testament to your expertise and readiness to collaborate seamlessly with physicians. Join our mission in reshaping healthcare delivery!

TelesLink in Action

The Rideshare App-Inspired Telehealth Revolution

    1. For Physicians: Hassle-free Booking

      • Just like riders in the Rideshare app, physicians on TelesLink can quickly request Certified Telemedicine Specialist (cTEMS) for an in-person visit for their patients.
      • After inputting the patient’s details and needs, the app identifies available Certified Telemedicine Specialists (cTEMS), akin to Uber finding nearby drivers.
      • Upon confirming the match, the system automatically schedules and notifies both the patient and the assigned cTEMS about the upcoming appointment.
    2. For cTEMS: On-the-Go Notifications and Response

      • Much like Uber drivers, cTEMS receive real-time notifications on the TelesLink app when they’re selected for a visit.
      • These prompts include essential details to help the cTEMS prepare, and they can either accept or decline based on their availability or expertise.
      • Once accepted, the cTEMS then coordinate directly with the patient, ensuring everything is set for a smooth telehealth experience.

    TelesLink reimagines the telehealth ecosystem using the convenience and efficiency of platforms like Uber. This intuitive approach ensures a streamlined experience for physicians, cTEMS, and patients alike.

Experience the Benefits

  • Instant Access: Just like hailing a ride, get healthcare on your terms.
  • On-Demand Support: Certified Telemedicine Specialists, akin to Uber drivers, are always at your fingertips, ready to assist.
  • Streamlined Efficiency: Simplify appointment booking with the same ease as requesting a ride.

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