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Why Choose TelesHealth?

For patients, the journey to optimal health can sometimes feel like navigating a maze – balancing hectic schedules, managing ongoing health conditions, and striving for timely care can all be overwhelming. TelesHealth reshapes this experience, making it simpler, more accessible, and deeply personalized. When you choose TelesHealth

Ease and Accessibility:

  • No more long waits for an appointment, extensive travel, or adjusting your life around a doctor’s visit. Access comprehensive expert healthcare conveniently from your home or wherever you might be.

Personalized Care: Experience healthcare tailored just for you

  • Ease and Accessibility: Our Assisted Telehealth Platform, combined with the cTEMS Network, ensures that even remote consolations feel hands-on and personal, bringing the ‘human touch’ into telehealth
  • Top-Notch Experse: Through TelesHealth, you connect with qualified physicians and medical experts who ulize state-of-the-art diagnosc tools, ensuring accurate and comprehensive care during each consultaon.
  • Connuous Monitoring: Our platform doesn’t just stop at consultations. We ensure follow-ups, monitor your health metrics, and provide a seamless channel for communication, making you an active participant in your health journey.

For physicians pondering over joining TelesHealth, here's why it's a strategic move

Bridging Distance with Care: Harness the power to transcend geographical limits. Connect with paents who treasure your skills but may be remotely situated, face mobility challenges, or simply prefer the comfort and efficiency of telehealth.

Operaonal Excellence: Effortlessly streamline paent interacons, perfect your daily inerary, and manage paent records, enabling you to zero in on paent care while minimizing administrave burdens.

Deliver In-Person Clinic Quality, Virtually: With our Assisted Telehealth Plaorm (ATP) and Cerfied Telehealth Medical Assistant (CTMA) Network, step beyond tradional telehealth. We’ve made it possible to offer diagnosc informaon akin to in-person visits, ensuring thorough examinaons and evaluaons, no mater the distance.

Boosted Paent Sasfacon: By presenng a hassle-free, contemporary, and individualized healthcare model, you not only cater to paent needs but also enhance their overall experience, strengthening their loyalty and elevang your clinic’s standing.

Cost-Effecveness Meets Revenue Growth: Curtail expenses linked with on-site consultaons, and tap into an alternave revenue avenue, all the while upholding superior paent care standards.

Stay Ahead with Innovaon: Posion yourself at the vanguard of healthcare transformaon. By amalgamang the most advanced telehealth tech with a genuine human touch, you’ll disncvely set your pracce above the rest.

At TelesHealth, we seamlessly blend technology, accessibility, and the cherished human touch in healthcare. For physicians, our ATP and CTMA Network ensure that diagnosc informaon mirrors the depth and precision of in-person clinics, providing unparalleled insight from afar. For paents, this means care that’s both cung-edge and deeply personal. Together, let’s pioneer a new standard in healthcare excellence.


How Does TelesLink, Integrated with the cTEMS Network and ATP, Benefit Healthcare Providers?

In today’s healthcare environment, TelesHealth offers practical solutions for providers looking to enhance their service and efficiency. Our statement, “We bring the Human Touch in Telehealth,” emphasizes a balanced blend of technology and personal touch. Understand how our TelesLink app, backed by the cTEMS network and ATP, provides tangible benefits for healthcare providers:

Simplified Scheduling & Management:

With the TelesLink app and the support of cTEMS, scheduling and management are made straightforward. Physicians can efficiently book, modify, or cancel appointments, while cTEMS ensures timely service delivery, optimizing both the patient and provider experience.

Extended Clinical Capabilies:

Our CTMA Network dispatches medical assistants to paents’ locaons equipped with advanced diagnosc tools. This extension of your clinic ensures you can offer a level of care remotely that’s equivalent to in-clinic visits.

Seamless Remote Consultaons:

Engage with paents through high-definion video and audio channels. The quality of these consultaons ensures you don’t compromise on the accuracy or quality of paent interacon.

Real-Time Comprehensive Examinaons:

Guided by you, the CTMA conducts detailed physical exams using connected diagnosc tools. This offers real-me insights, giving you an immediate and detailed understanding of your paent’s condion – just as if they were physically present in your clinic

Automated Follow-Ups & Care Management:

The plaorm supports connuity of care by automang reminders for follow-ups, reducing the chances of paent drop-offs and ensuring treatment adherence.

Secure Record Keeping:

Our plaorm provides a robust documentaon system. Every diagnosc result, consultaon note, and recommendaon is stored securely, enabling easy tracking of a paent’s health journey and simplifying future consultaons.

24/7 Provider Support:
  1. : From technical assistance to clarificaons about the plaorm, our dedicated support team ensures your pracce runs smoothly, exemplifying our unwavering commitment to your success.

By intertwining cung-edge technology with the crucial element of human interacon, TelesHealth’s Assisted Telehealth Plaorm and CTMA Network posion providers at the forefront of healthcare innovaon. Enhance your pracce, extend your reach, and ensure excellence in care delivery.

Informed Decisions:

With immediate access to vital paent data, you can make mely and accurate clinical decisions, ensuring opmal paent care while maintaining the efficiency of your pracce.

By intertwining cung-edge technology with the crucial element of human interacon, TelesHealth's Assisted Telehealth Plaorm and CTMA Network posion providers at the forefront of healthcare innovaon. Enhance your pracce, extend your reach, and ensure excellence in care delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about TelesHealth’s Assisted Telehealth Platform and CTMA Network

These FAQs aim to provide a basic understanding of TelesHealth’s offerings. For more detailed queries or personalized discussions, please reach out to our support team.

: TelesHealth’s Assisted Telehealth Platform is a cutting-edge solution designed to bridge the gap between traditional in-clinic consultations and telehealth. By integrating advanced technology with hands-on human assistance, the platform provides a comprehensive and personalized healthcare experience, even remotely.

The cTEMS (Certified Telemedicine Specialists) Network is a cadre of trained medical assistants equipped with web-enabled diagnostic tools. They visit patients in their homes or preferred locations, facilitating physical examinations and procedures under the guidance of remote physicians, ensuring a quality of care comparable to in-clinic visits

Data security is paramount to us. Our platform employs end-to-end encryption and adheres to all HIPAA compliance standards. All patient records, consultation notes, and diagnostic results are stored in a secure environment with restricted access to ensure utmost confidentiality.

Absolutely. TelesHealth’s platform is designed for interoperability, allowing seamless integration with most major EHR systems. Our dedicated support team can guide you through the integration process, ensuring a smooth transition

Not at all. The cTEMS Network acts as an extension of your practice, enhancing your reach and capabilities. While they facilitate the physical aspect of consultations remotely, all medical decisions and patient interactions remain under your direct control.

: We provide comprehensive onboarding and training sessions for all our partner physicians. Our support team is available 24/7 to address any queries or challenges you might face, ensuring you’re comfortable and adept at utilizing all the platform’s features.

TelesHealth allows you to serve more patients efficiently, without the overheads of constant in-person visits. By expanding your patient base to those who might not be able to visit physically or prefer telehealth consultations, you can discover new revenue streams while maintaining the quality of care.

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