Optimize Costs, Elevate Care

Introducing the Synergy of TelesLinq, ATP, and cTEMS


As the healthcare realm evolves, balancing exceptional care with operational efficiency becomes pivotal. The Assisted Telehealth Platform (ATP) in concert with our Certified Telemedicine Specialists (cTEMS), facilitated by TelesLinq, sets a new benchmark. This union magnifies the quality of patient interactions, streamlines processes, and creates a sustainable cost model for the forward-thinking healthcare provider.

Core Advantages

Similar to typical clinical operations, the cTEMS functions as your hands-on Medical Assistant/Nursing staff.
  1. The Virtual Extension of Your Clinic via cTEMS:

    • Leverage cTEMS as your telehealth extension, performing clinical functions like rapid tests, lab procedures, and medication administration, all under your virtual oversight.
    • Elevate telehealth sessions to mirror the depth of in-clinic visits, broadening your service gamut.
  2. Real-time Precision with ATP:

    • Dive into our cutting-edge Assisted Telehealth Platform, integrating effortlessly with your existing systems. Get immediate access to patient records, diagnostics, and more.
    • Redirect time saved from manual data entries towards curating enhanced patient care.

Lower Your Overhead Costs

  1. Smart Cost Management:

    • Transition away from heavy physical infrastructural costs. With the ATP and cTEMS framework, reap significant financial benefits.
    • Boost revenue streams while upholding unmatched patient care standards.
  2. Refined Patient Experiences:

    • Gift patients the luxury of telehealth, harmonized with the trust and familiarity of in-person consultations.
    • Fortify patient allegiance, fostering confidence in your practice’s care and convenience.

Scaling with Precision: Future-Proofing Your Practice

  1. Future-Ready Scalability:

    • The robust architecture of ATP, complemented by cTEMS, is primed to scale with your aspirations. Expand services or broaden your patient outreach – the choice is yours.
    • Progress without pause, while consistently delivering peak care.

Pioneering Practices Share Their Experience

Harmonizing Affordability with Excellence

In a world where healthcare demands both compassion and cost-consciousness, TelesLink, ATP, and cTEMS form the trio that bridges this dichotomy. Embrace a future where healthcare is not just efficient and affordable but also, most importantly, patient-centric.

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