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Features & Benefits

🔍 Streamlined Interface: User-friendly layout ensures efficient scheduling, patient management, and easy navigation.

🤝 Connect with cTEMS: Tap into the expansive cTEMS Network, allowing physicians to easily collaborate with trained telemedicine specialists.

💡 Advanced Technological Integration: Stay updated with the latest telemedicine tools, equipment compatibility, and real-time health monitoring.

🔒 HIPAA Compliant Security: Prioritize patient confidentiality with top-notch security measures, ensuring peace of mind for all users.

💬 Real-time Communication: In-app chat and video functionality, bolstering efficient patient-care and professional collaboration.

For Physicians

Three Simple Steps to Better Healthcare

  • Simplified Scheduling: Integrate your schedules with cTEMS and the TelesLink app for a comprehensive and streamlined patient-visit experience.
  • Data at Your Fingertips: Access and analyze patient data, reports, and vitals shared in real-time, ensuring evidence-based clinical decisions.
  • Tailored Care Protocols: Design, delegate, and implement care pathways, in perfect sync with the cTEMS through the ATP™.

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