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Elevate Care Everywhere with TelesLinq™: Seamlessly connect via our app, deploy expert cTEMS for in-person assistance, and harness the power of the Assisted Telehealth Platform-ATP™.


In today’s digital age, TelesLink, combined with our Certified Telemedicine Specialists (cTEMS) and the Assisted Telehealth Platform-ATP™, is reshaping the frontiers of healthcare. Beyond the confines of traditional clinics, physicians now have the tools to offer top-tier, tailored medical care from virtually anywhere, elevating the standard of patient experience.

Next-Gen Telemedicine

Concierge-level Telehealth The TelesHealth Assisted Telehealth Platform-ATP™ stands apart from typical telehealth solutions. Designed to emulate the depth and quality of in-person concierge medical services, ATP takes patient experiences to unprecedented heights, replicating the personal touch of a brick-and-mortar clinic.

Enhanced Virtual Engagement Thanks to ATP, telehealth consultations transcend the ordinary. High-definition video calls merge with real-time data exchange, complemented by the on-site presence of our Certified Telemedicine Specialist (cTEMS). This synergy ensures patients enjoy an encounter reminiscent of a direct clinic visit.

Go beyond the limitations of traditional telehealth. Build deeper patient trust and deliver consultations that truly resonate.

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